When it comes to cleanliness in Indore, it is the only to be on the first rank in terms of cleanliness for four consecutive years. It’s quite challenging to maintain the cleanliness of the city while being the most populous (30 lakhs+) city of the State. Main sources of the garbage include construction sites, vegetable markets, households, restaurants etc. It was quite challenging for the officials to get rid of this garbage from different places. The very first step was collecting garbage from each and every doorstep of the city. The biggest hindrance in maintaining cleanliness is plastic waste, Indore overcame it by establishing a plant to convert plastic waste into crude oil where an 8 Ton per day capacity Diesel Plant Processes Raw plastic to generate 3,000 Litres of crude oil. Another source garbage Choithram sabji mandi produces 20 tons of organic waste per day which is now processed by Asia’s biggest Bio-Methanation Plant in Indore, throughout 24 hours it processes organic waste. Segregated garbage collected from households, restaurants and markets is brought to modern plant with a capacity of processing 15 tons of garbage where it is processed into CNG which is then used in city buses as fuel.

Let’s have a look of cleanest city –

Every day the garbage van makes its way from one end of the street to another methodically, and everyone comes out to give their trash when they hear the song.

Young men sat in front of large screens attached to computers as they tracked the route of 468 garbage vans that collect trash door to door. These men receive alerts if there is a problem on any route, such as a breakdown, road closure or if a driver is not feeling well.