Smart City Mission :-

Master Plans India

Indore along with 20 other cities has been selected as the winner of smart city challenge competition under the central government’s flagship programme Smart City Mission first phase. On basis of suggestions, opinions, and ideas received from local public CVD area Rajwada and the adjacent areas which are in the centre of this rapidly growing city have been selected for the area-based development, the smart city proposal will be implemented in two parts area-based development proposal and pan-city initiative proposal. 742 acres of the area around Rajwada has been selected as a pilot smart city area for under this proposed plans are the inclusion of well-planned traffic system and metro for urban transportation, riverfront development, a two-way street, one-way street, no vehicle zone, parking zones, revitalization of the urban forms of Rajwada area and transforming it into a centre of business while cherishing and conservating its integrity as a historical, social and cultural centre. The proposed no vehicle zone will be supported by ample parking spaces along with the incorporation of incubation centres. Conservation of heritage and heritage street development for heritage walk is one of the initiatives apart from making this heritage street no vehicle zone construction of plazas and avenues for the citizens will be the key attraction of this proposal, restoration of traditional bazaars with its historical form, which will impart, sustainable mobility to footfall in these traditional markets and streets. Shifting of the web of overhead powerlines to underground in traditional eateries, gold and silver jewellery shops, cloth and readymade garments’ shops as well as water supply, OFC, sewage and other vital utility services will also be underground by utility ducting through which footfall and approachability in the area will be easier and the narrowness of the roads will be decreased with such initiatives economy of these traditional business centres will be revived. Smart street lighting and lighting of public open spaces will be conducted by solar energy. It is also proposed to revitalize the rivers through reiver front development which will bring citizens closer to their natural heritage. This heritage ghats are proposed to be restored and the lining of river will carve out usable public open spaces. CP Shekhar Nagar slum which was located in the midst of city for the last 40 years has been shifted to newly constructed homes recently and the development work of this area that comes in the smart city has commenced in the form of riverfront development and green beautification under Amrit plan, redevelopment of MOG lines, slums and public lanes is proposed to be carried out on transit-oriented development principles. These areas will be developed as mixed-use, high density and walkable communities that have improved pedestrian safety.

Transportation :- Road Map

The Indore Smart City Proposal has emphasized core infrastructure improvement and one of the major intervention under the same is the development of Smart Roads. Smart Roads will be free from any of the overhead utility cables & poles and provides for adequate spacing for any future work. The Smart Roads will provide better road surface and RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) utility trench; through proper placement of utilities, future maintenance interference will be minimized and utilities will be better protected. The scope of the work for Smart Road includes :
• Construction of CC (Cement Concrete) roads
• Construction of RCC utility trench
• Laying of all utility services and providing house connections
• Providing proper central median, street-lighting
The international status which the airport of Indore was given, the metro is developing as well, and soon, there is a plan to construct 5 major roads across Indore. This development will certainly herald a new era of transportation in the city.

All of the 5 roads coming up in the city will be constructed in the major parts of the city, to ensure that they do not pose a problem in the future. These proposed projects are construction and development of RI-2 (from Bhuri Tekri to Nemawar Road via New RTO Office), MR-5 (From Indore Wire Factory to Bada Bangarda), MR-3 (from Pipliyapala to Bypass) and MR-9 (from IDA Scheme-53 to Bypass). The goal is to have these roads ready by 2021.